Closed for inventory

Closed for Inventory 2018.jpg

Eleticia and several of our extraordinary glass volunteers, John and Geoff, have been working hard to complete the studio inventory so we can order glass to start our 2018 production.  It's amazing how much glass we went through in October and November!  All tools and equipment have been checked, repaired and/or replacement parts ordered.  All that remains is to do the outside count in the shop.  Erin, our Thursday volunteer, will be helping with inventory there (on non-Thursdays, thank goodness!)  She's really good at the Point of Sale system we use, so we can get the job done quickly.

Believe it or not, Eleticia and I have already had our 2018 Holiday planning meeting, because after all, Christmas in July is only seven months away!  But we do have some great Valentine's gifts already designed.....and just wait till you see what we have planned for Spring!

See you soon!--Colleen