glass half-empty/glass half-full

We’re having a half-empty moment here in Reach glass-land. While we’ve got some great designs set for the holidays, and have backed up to some amazing things for spring and Easter, we are STILL down to a single large kiln and one very small kiln, with “Christmas in July” staring us in the face. We lost two kilns to burnt up elements during the holiday season, due to age and extremely heavy use. It’s been 3 months since we ordered the parts. The company is not known for their customer service, and we’re experiencing it in a very big way. We have glass stacked everywhere waiting to be fired. Our volunteers can’t cut, and our clients can’t work until we can clear space on the tables. It’s come to the point where I’ve called upon a dear friend to see if he could order a new kiln for us. He thinks he can get an enormous, custom kiln for us that, while ridiculously expensive, will probably beat the repair parts here, and he can get us a good deal. He loves Reach. And THIS kiln company IS known for it’s customer service. So we’re edging back to glass half-full.

Wood Texas w Lone Star Heart inset

Wood Texas w Lone Star Heart inset

Pushing us even closer was SpringFest! We had a wonderful time, selling so much glass, it was reminiscent of the holidays! People seemed to enjoy the new Easter glass and Spring glass. The Cattails collection got a lot of attention. It’s a personal favorite of Eleticia’s and mine. We love the different colors, and the dragonflies are gorgeous! A huge hit was the debut of the Wood Texas with Reach glass inserts! We sold out of our samples before the doors were officially open and were taking special orders all day. It was so unexpected. Adam Foulkrod, the wood artist, was on-hand and has been building Texas shapes non-stop! Ok, now our glass is seriously filling up!

Aside from fusing, the crew has been working diligently on holiday glass, cutting, gluing, etc. Wait till you see the designs we have come up with for 2019! And this year’s Limited Edition ornament is so adorable, yet so amazingly complicated, that it may be limited to 12, so buy yours early!

There has been so much laughter and fun in my office, the glass studio and the gift shop as we design, cut, create and sell. Everyone of us love what we’re doing. Underlying it all this year is a little bit of panic and hysteria, however, as we try to deal with broken equipment and lack of kilns and try to catch up. Pray for us!—Colleen